Turnkey solution for increasing customer retention, brand loyalty and LTV for e-commerce brands.

Membership club is one of the oldest and well known solution for customer retention. We made it ultra easy to create one for your business.

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Branded Club
Connect your own website domain. Get your white labeled & branded VIP customers club.
Refunds & Cancellations
We handle membership cancellations and refunds with standard consumer friendly policies, So you don't have to.
Leverage Exclusivity
Elevate brand & leverage exclusivity that comes with a club.
Paid Memberships
Improve your bottom line with paid memberships as additional source of revenue.
Your own branded video library, podcasts, forums, blog and VIP online store.
No developers required.
Made for ease of use for you and your customers. No coding/developers required.

Why do you need a branded VIP membership club?

For one thing, having two branded stores is better than one.

Club Memberships

Recurring revenue from memberships is a great source of revenue for any business. Find a way to reward your customers in exchange for club memberships.


Exclusivity is a powerful marketing tool. Create a VIP exclusive club store for your brand and provide free or discounted offers only for club members.


A brand today is more than just product. It’s content + community + product. Your brand will only achieve true, meaningful growth if you brand all three, under your own brand name.

A white-labeled, branded membership club using our platform will help you achieve all that and more.


Feature Benefit
Exclusive invite only brand club Increased perceived brand value.
Club’s invite/referral system New customers, word of mouth.
A second club domain “YourBrand.club” (bought separately) Increased SEO exposure.
Paid memberships for loyal customers Increased customer retention, LTV.
Your club’s VIP store; products at discount for members only Gamification, more sales.
Branded video library, podcasts, forums. Increased brand content and online footprint. Long term brand growth.
Platform handles refunds & cancellations. Increased trust and customer satisfaction.
Zero developers. Zero to minimum maintainance overhead.

How It Works & Where It Fits

Create Club
Create a club and configure payment processor.
Customize Your Club
Customize your club's navigation and color schemes.
Setup Shop & Memberships
Setup your club’s inbuilt VIP store. Setup memberships with your own monthly fees. Price products according to membership level.
Connect your domain
Buy & connect your own website domain (we recommend a .club domain) and get a ready to use membership club/site.
Integrate with Mailchimp and CRMs.
Integrate Via Zapier. Build special lists of VIP members.
Load your club with relevant content.
With your own videos, podasts & forums, build a content library that will always be yours, under your own domain name.
Send Invitation Urls.
Generate invite url and send it to customers who bought from you.

Your VIP brand club will add on top of your existing assets. No need to change anything major to your existing process.

Your Main Site
http://your-brand.com - Your existing site. For primary target for traffic and conversions
Social Media
http://social-media/your-brand - FB, Instagram, Twitter - For traffic and leads.
VIP Membership Club
https://your-brand.club - Your (paid) membership club for brand loyalty and additional source of revenue.

We will handle user experience, development, maintainance of your membership club. Saving you time and money.

Support is always an email away. support@clubsio.com

Pricing - per club

Simple pricing. No hidden charges.


  • $84/Month when billed yearly.
  • $100/Month when billed monthly.
  • Free upto 10 members
  • $1000/Year - 2 months free

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