A club is a blend of community, shop and content.

Idea is for brands to create smaller, targeted, community centered shops around a specific customer segment / buyer persona.


Targeted - Store will focus on only one buyer persona. Example (Acme Inc.): "Acme Fashion For Women Over 35" or "Acme Adventure Weekend Hikers". A brand can have several such independent stores each targeting a specific persona.

Community First - Ads will have the goal for customers to join the community instead of “Add To Cart”. Connect with the customer with relevant content and community of like-minded people. Sell to them later.

Smaller - Shop only contains products for the specific buyer persona.

Content - Relevant content that's actually helpful to the audience instead of just SEO and ranking. Example, Fashion brand for women over 35 that posts content (blogs, podcasts, videos) regarding women’s health and effects of stress after 35 years of age is likely to resonate with the audience instead of just fashion related, keyword dense content.

Main Advantages:

Advertising: Brand can target segmented audience with ads with great precision and direct them to relevant shop.

Social Proof: As the community grows, so does social proof, which helps increase trust in brand and sell more products in the shop.

Brand Equity: By connecting to audience first and fostering a community of like minded people, brand's value is greatly increased.

Higher LTV and Retention: Customer is more likely to stay for the community and/or content because they are adding value to their life. Chances of buying and/or referring their friends from that store increases the longer they stay.

How It Works

Step One: Create A Club For Buyer Persona

Create a club, customize navigation and color schemes and configure payment processor. Optionally connect your own website domain.

Step Two: Content & Products For Targeted Audience

Setup your club’s blog and in-built store with content and products specially for customer personas you are targeting. See examples

Step Three: Market To Target Audience

Build a community by advertising/marketing to segmented customers of your brand. Reward community members with discounts

Features & Benefits

Fast And Easy

Create and manage a club as easily as you manage Twitter or Facebook account. No need for developers or designers. So easy, even a marketer can do it :)

Increased SEO Footprint

Connect your club to your own website domain for larger brand SEO footprint.

In-built Store

Club comes with an in-built store. Members can buy products without leaving your club.

"Prime Membership"

Price your products according to membership tiers. Example T-Shirt pricing: Regular Member - $50. VIP Member - $35. Read more

Content Rich Club

Publish any type of content - blogs, podcasts, videos and e-books. Ideally, publish content that is relevant and helpful to your target audience.

Build Community

Build a niche community with in-built forums, chat-room and in-club messaging.

Member Referrals

Club members will be able to invite their friends and family into the club.

Exclusive Club

Optionally, turn your club into an invite-only or paid club to leverage exclusivity

Build An E-Mail List

Build an email list of club members with CRM integration using Zapier.

Example Clubs

Below are example clubs of a fictional fashion/apparel brand called "Blackburn Fashion". Any resemblance is purely coincidental.

Blackburn Women Over 35 Fashion Club

Build a shop & community of highly engaged customers based on age and gender.

Branded clubs based on income and/or body type can also make for a good club.

A club with products and content targeted specially for women over 35. Build social proof as club grows over time.

Club can be accessed with platform url like https://clubsio.com/BlackburnWomenOver35 Or with website domain: https://blackburnfashion.club (Domain bought separately)

Blackburn Frugal Students Fashion Club

Advertise your brand and connect with your audience better with a club targeted towards a demographic based on education and budget.

A club with products and pricing catered for college/university students who are facing a student loan and money is tight.

Club can be accessed with platform url like https://clubsio.com/BlackburnFrugalStudents Or with website domain: https://www.BlackburnFrugalStudents.club (Domain for illustration only. Not Accessible)

More Examples - Geography Segmented

Blackburn Fashion Portland Club

Products, pricing and shipping local to Portland, Oregon

Blackburn Fashion - New York City Club

Fashion trends and products specific to New York City.

Blackburn Winter Fashion Club

Seasonal product catalog. Can be advertised to northern states.

Demographic Segmentation

Blackburn Plus Size Fashion Club

Community and products around body type.

Blackburn Single Mothers Club

Blogs and shop with Content and pricing that helps single mothers.

Blackburn Retired Mens Fashion Club

Highly targeted shops towards a specific age group.

Psychographic Segmentation

Blackburn Cat Lovers Fashion Club

Shops that target aspects of a buyers life. Cat themed products and content can be used to build a community.

Blackburn Gamers Fashion Club

Products with geek and gaming culture themes.

Blackburn Eco/Sustainable Fashion Club

Brand clubs that target buyers with certain values in their life.

Behaviour Segmentation

Blackburn Fashion Discounts & Coupons Club

Shops that target buyers who chase after discounts.

Blackburn Fashion VIP Exclusive Club

Brand clubs targeting high value customers. Leverage exclusivity with invite-only clubs.

Your club will add on top of your current assets. No need to change anything major to your existing process

Your Main Site

http://your-brand.com - Your existing site. For primary target for traffic and conversions.

Social Media

http://social-media/your-brand - FB, Instagram, Twitter - For traffic and leads.

Brand Club

https://your-brand.club - Your targeted brand club for increased relevance, loyalty, retention and additional source of revenue.

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